The Forums continue to be down (please relocate to our Emergency Backup Forum) but in the meantime, GK2 has launched and updates are trickling in! I'm working full time so I'm afraid getting everything up is going to take a while, but first to be updated is the Character section (so far only Case 1 characters have information up). Graphics and case descriptions will come later. Thank you for your patience and keep an eye out for further updates!


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January 26 - Japan GS2 on Wiiware

Febuary 16th - Ace Attorney Investigations American release

Febuary 19th - Ace Attorney Investigations European release

February 23 - Japan GS3 on Wiiware

March - USA PW:JFA on Wiiware

March 16 - Japan GS1-5 on Wiiware

May - USA PW:T&T Wiiware Release

May - Rise from the Ashes Wiiware Release

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