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Professor Layton vs Gyakuten Saiban

Level-5 and AA series creator Takumi Shu have teamed up to do a Layton meets Phoenix crossover game!  We don't know the details yet, but you can check out the main site here, or take a peek at the trailer.

Gyakuten Kenji 2


Gyakuten Saiban 2 has been announced, to be released in Japan Spring 2011.  Here's what we know so far:

Producuer: Motohide Eshiro
Director: Takeshi Yamazaki
Art Direction: Tatsuro Iwamoto

-The game will feature a new gameplay element with a Chess motif.  It will serve as a means of forcing witnesses to tell you information they're trying to keep hidden.  It is not supernatural, unlike the Psyche-Locks.

-The game will focus on Edgeworth's present day conflicts, rather than those of outside characters (the way GK was focused on Kay).  We will see "a human side of Edgeworth not previously shown."  Exactly when "present" refers to is not yet known, except that it's after GK, as judged by Kay's presence.

-The first case takes place at Gourd Lake and is going to be large and important.  The intention is that the player feels as if they've been tossed into a final case right off the bat.

-There's going to be another healthy dose of familiar characters.

-The mini sprites have been updated.

-Case 1 takes place in March 2019

Returning Characters

Miles Edgeworth
Dick Gumshoe
Kay Faraday


(Highlight for spoilers)

Shelly de Killer / John Doe
Ema Skye
Shi-Long Lang
Frank Sahwit
Regina Berry
Gregory Edgeworth
Manfred von Karma

New Characters
(now added to the GK character page)

Teikun Ou

Ruler of Zheng Fa

Hakari Mikagami

Edgeworth's new rival, a female judge.

Mikiko Hayami

A reporter of sorts, Lotta 2.0?
A defense attorney
Head of Teikun's bodyguards
A new, young prosecutor
A suspect
An ex-boxer
A prison official
Host of a dancing chef show
Tenkai's assistant

Magazine Scans

Famitsu, Sept 9th 2010

Gyakuten Saiban 5


GK producer Eshiro expressed an interest in working on GS5, but given the recently announced GK2, it may be safe to say he's working on THAT first.  GS creator Takumi has stated that he personally didn't have any plans to do GS5, but fan pressure may be making him rethink his position.  At this point we have no other information regarding a possible GS5.


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